What Are The Best Binary Options Apps To Use?

What Are The Best Binary Options Apps To Use?

If you are trading in binary options, chances are you are looking for an app to go with it. But just like any other app you save in your smartphone, you have to choose carefully which of the ones available online that you should stick with. The good thing is that the broker that you are working with already has an app available for you to use. What’s more, they are usually for free, since you are their client. There are rarely any requirements for you to acquire the apps in the first place other than being a client of the broker you are working with. Even if you are still a beginner with trading binary options, you can still acquire the app that you should be working with. This way, you will be able to learn more about trading binary options on the go.

Here are a few of the best binary options trading apps that you should look out for:

    • Stockpair – this broker is considered unique due to its feature of giving the clients to place on High/Low trades and at the same time giving the client a chance in winning money based on its relative performance on various stocks.
      Trading in stock pairs is just like trading in currency pairs. As of the moment, you are likely looking for another broker that allows you this kind of approach.

      Stockpair app is available both on Android and iOS platforms. Stockpair’s app needs no downloading. All you have to do is simply navigate its offiical website and the website itself will automatically detect whether you are using a smartphone or any other mobile gadget. They will offer you the latest mobile version of the website, too.

  • 24Option – just like Stockpair, you don’t need to download the app for this broker. It is also available both on Android and iOS platforms. Their app is reputed to be very user-friendly and has remained to be the top broker all over the categories in the market. Its returns are even guaranteed between 71 to 85 percent. The broker also has an increasing variety of tools for trade in order to make trading more profitable and easier for clients. 24Option also allows traders to trade with both platforms as long as it pleases the client. You can just access their app online that is designed to display properly on any gadget you are using. All you need to do is log in through your mobile phone and you can start trading with their app.
  • Banc De Binary – this is another prominent name for a broker of binary options. This particular broker provides an app to download, unlike the other first two in which it is no longer required. You will have to find it through Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS users.

The broker also has an increasing variety of tools for trade in order to make trading more profitable and easier for clients.

There are more binary options apps that you will find, but the above are the best of all. It is obvious, since such names are always mentioned in every binary option topic traders discuss.

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Why Use Binary Options Apps?

Why Use Binary Options Apps?

Do you still need to ask whether or not it is better to use binary options apps? Of course you should be. In fact, every binary options trader should have one. In this day and age of advanced technology, it is only natural that almost everything that you use is made for more convenience. You can still make use of the software that the broker provides when you trade through your computer, but what if you are on the go and you want to check out what is happening with your trade?

This is the main reason why you need to have a binary options app ready in your smartphone or any other mobile device that supports binary options app. It is also in the imperative that you have your mobile device’s platform updated regularly so that it supports the latest version of the app. All these complications just for convenience? You don’t have to worry. All those regular updates that you need to do will only take for a while if you commit to it.

So now that you know the main reason why you need to install a binary option app into your mobile device, what other things should you need to now about binary options app? If you have been trading with binary options for quite a while, your broker have probably provided you the app they have designed for their clients.

You can go with free binary option apps if you wish, but if you are already trading with binary options and tied to a broker, it is highly likely that you are already working with the app that they have provided.

You have to use that app so that it will not be difficult for you should you start watching your trade when you don’t have a computer at hand.

If you don’t have a smartphone, it is best that you invest in one right now. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive smartphone. The smartphone that you are going to pick is the one that supports either Android or iOS platforms. It should also be able to support the app provided by your broker. If it doesn’t, you just have to update the old operating system that your mobile device is working on. This way you will be able to work on your trade smoothly without any glitch.

The remaining question that might be floating your mind right now is whether the app that you have used is the best one or not. The best binary options apps out there are tied to the best brokers. The best brokers that are always the talk of the town are 24Options, Banc de Binary, TradeRush and Stockpair. These four brokers are also reputed to provide the best apps as well. You can go with free binary option apps if you wish, but if you are already trading with binary options and tied to a broker, it is highly likely that you are already working with the app that they have provided.

Just take the free app to your advantage and if you do not like your current broker, you can always change it with a better one. At the same time, you will also be changing your binary options app.

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How To Choose The Best Binary Options App

How To Choose The Best Binary Options App

Binary options is one of the simplest trade in the financial industry, but can be quite a gamble if you do not know how to play your cards right. Just like any trade, you need to familiarize or even study binary options in depth so that you will be able to trade smoothly as you go along. It can also be the same with looking for a binary options app. So how do you look for a binary options app?

Don’t mind looking for a binary options app as you will be acquiring the app you made partners with a broker. This means that what you need to be looking for is the best binary options broker to work with.

Generally, all apps are created almost similar to each other, although its interface differs according to how the developer sees that it fits the image of the broker.

You should be assessing how the broker operates with their trading. So far, there are about ten of the most popular binary options brokers so far. They have always made it to the top of the list, battling the very first seat. Every month its ranks changes, but it doesn’t change the fact that these top ten brokers are to be trusted and worth checking out.

24Options has always made it to the top of the list. Some even make claims that the broker itself is a scam. Whatever the user has had experience with this broker, they must have tried to look or fabricate evidences to prove otherwise. However, 24Option is one of the many exclusive members of brokers that are considered by the industry as very inspiring and highly respected.

This can be proven through the CySec regulation, thus disregarding any bad rumors or suspicion in regards to 24Option being a scam.

24Option has been regulated and registered as a legit broker since the 11th of July 2013. Other names that come along with 24Option include Banc de Binary, Anyoption, Stockpair, TradeRush, and TopOption. Looking for the best among them? The only way you can choose the best among them is by doing research by yourself. Keep in mind that every person’s perspective is different. What is best for another may not be the best for you. The same goes with the app that each broker offers.

If you are still hesitating to commit to one broker, the good thing about these famous brokers is that they offer a one month trial account. This gives the trader a chance to get the feel of how to work around the platform or working area of the broker. They also provide the app along with it. Once you have already used up your one month trial, you are given the chance to whether you are going to keep your account and become partners with the broker of your choosing. Otherwise, you can choose to discontinue and proceed with other brokers that has piqued your interest. Don’t stop looking for a broker in best binary robots until you have found one that you are comfortable to work with.

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24Option App – A Binary Options App Review

24Option App – A Binary Options App Review

Is 24Option is fraud or legit? The question still lingers around these days even if 24Option has been proven to be a legit broker in the trade of binary options. Where do all these false rumors regarding the broker came from? It could be from a number of unsatisfied clients who thought their brokers cheated them. Before you pass judgment about the broker itself, you need to find hard evidence or at least official proof that they are indeed a scam. The same can be said with other brokers, too. They’ve got their fair share of false rumors created by unknown people. There is no harm in being cautious since it is your personal and financial information at stake here.

Rather than making a review on their app, which is only a mobile version of their web-based workstation, it is best to take a good look at the broker itself.

24Option has been a favorite broker by a lot of binary options trader since they made its way into the industry back more than three years ago.

The broker is based in Cyprus and is widely known to be a very proactive broker. It offers a lot of incentives to every trader they have made partners with, not to mention they do it regularly. It is very common for traders to find that 24Option provides cash prizes that go beyond thousands when it comes to their monthly trading events.

These days, they are now under management of a different holding, which is owned now by Rodeler Ltd. The broker was formerly owned by CBAY Financials. 24Option is still licensed and regulated by CYSEC or Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. They have received several awards, too, by various comparison sites of binary options brokers.

Their mobile trading, which is where the app comes in, is supported extensively by the broker itself, 24/7. They even have a secondary website that is optimized to be used for many mobile devices, which runs on either Android or iOS platform. This is perfect for traders who are always on the go. They can easily access their accounts, check and make the trades without looking for a dedicated computer or workstation to work on. Trading accounts with 24Option is very easy to use as well. All the traders need to do is deposit a minimum of $250 by the time they sign up with the broker. There are about 4 different kinds of trading accounts namely, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Standard accounts.

If you are still not convinced with how 24Option operates, just look for reviews coming from the actual users themselves. Some of them leave their emails so that you can contact them. If you can find such reviews, don’t hesitate to contact them to tell you more details about their experience with the broker. It is even better if you have acquaintances or friends that can tell you of their experience as well.

This will save the time whether or not 24Option is the right broker for you.

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